€ 0

For individuals and professionals
The famous digital business card, completely free (forever) which includes
  • WebApp for Android, iOS and Desktop synchronized with each other
  • Unlimited sharings via E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Professional signature can be added in your emails


€ 24

For super professionals
It includes all the features of the FREE, plus the possibility of
  • Customize the look and feel of the card and the signature
  • Add an interactive map
  • Customize the card address in the form
  • View Statistics and Sharing History
  • Synchronize the address book with Google and send the card to your contacts in the Google address book


€ 5

+ € 2/user for each additional user
For companies, organizations and top professionals
It includes all the features of the GOLD, plus the possibility of
  • Manage the members of your association and related cards
  • Monitor their viewing statistics
  • Customize the domain in the URLs of your cards

Your business card on every device

All versions of Kipin allow you to manage and share your digital card from Smartphone, Desktop and Tablet because your data is always synchronized between all your devices.
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iOS, Android, Desktop WebApp You can access and share your digital business cards using multiple platforms
Unlimited shares You can share your digital business cards as many times as you want, and you have no limit on the number of shares
Unlimited numbers, emails and social networks You will have no limits on the number of emails, social networks, telephone numbers and websites that you can insert in each card
Multiple business cards for each user You can create multiple digital business cards, so you always have the right card ready for you (for work, hobbies, etc ..) 5 cards Max 5 5 cards Max 5 5 cards/user Max 5/usr
Independence thanks to a digital business card that any user can view via a dedicated Web URL It will not be necessary for the recipient to use Kipin to receive your data as your Card will be reachable from the web through a dedicated address
Share card by E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp You can share your digital business cards through the most common channels
Professional HTML signature for e-mails extra bonus!You can generate a professional HTML signature that you can use in all your emails (compatible with Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail and Thunderbird)
Share card by QR-Code You can share your business card via a QR-Code so that the recipients, by staging a simple photo from his smartphone, can add your data to their address book -
Customizable card URL You can customize the URL of your business card in the form - 3 URL 5 URL / user
Further additional data in your business cards such as Claim , IBAN and coordinates for Electronic Invoicing Your card can include a Claim to indicate the mission of your business, your IBAN to receive payments and electronic billing coordinates to be shared with your suppliers -
Statistics, History of shares and Tracking of views You can view the access statistics of your digital business cards, view the history of all the shares made and track individual sharings to find out if and when a specific recipient have viewed your card -
Filter card data for individual recipients You can filter the data visible on your business card for specific recipients -
Internal WebApp address book You can save new contacts in an internal WebApp address book for future reference -
Graphic customization of your digital business cards You can customize the colors and fonts of your cards -
Themes for digital business cards You can use ready-made themes, created by our designers, to make your cards even more captivating -
Interactive map on the business card You can insert an interactive map on your digital business card to show the exact location of your office -
Synchronization with Google Contacts You can synchronize the internal WebApp address book with Google Contacts -
Add notes to contacts You can add a note to your contacts track any useful information (for example, how you met that person) while keeping that information private -
Send business cards to recipients in Google Contacts You can send your business cards to recipients in Google Contacts -
Save new contacts in Google Contacts You can save new contacts to which you are sending your business cards directly in Google Contacts -
Removing references Kipin at the bottom of the card You can remove the references to Kipin on the bottom of your digital business card -
Double image (personal photo + company logo) in cards You can insert both your personal photo and the company logo in your digital business cards -
Video into your digital business card new!You can insert a presentation video uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook into your digital card -
Virtual background for conference calls extra bonus!You will be able to generate a virtual background, with logo, name, role and company to be used on various video conference software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, etc. -
Customizing the Call To Action button new!You can customize the main button of your card to invite the user to call you, write to you, visit your site, etc. -
Assignment of TAGs in the address book and sharing You can assign TAGs to the recipients of your digital business card, both during sharing and within your address book, for more immediate groupings and searches - -
Manage users in your organization You will be able to manage the users associated with your domain, enabling or disabling their accounts on Kipin - -
You can create digital business cards for members of your organization You will be able to create cards for the members of your organization, sharing contact details among multiple cards so as to simplify any updates - -
Monitor the statistics of members of your organization While creating digital business cards for members of your organization, you will be able to share contact details among multiple cards so as to simplify any updates - -
Share design across multiple digital business cards You can link the design of your cards or members' cards to other cards so you can centralize changes - -
Card sharing using your own domain The links to your cards will no longer belong to the domain but can use your own domain, subdomain or folder of the main domain (eg: or ) - - € 0,50 /user /month
Telephone support in the creation of the first cards and initial settings We will follow you in the creation of the first cards and we will choose with you the best configuration for your organization - -
Import of employee data for the massive creation of cards We will manage the import of your employees' data for you in order to automatically generate their cards - -

Free forever € 24 /year € 5 /month +€ 2/user
Free forever € 24 /year € 5 /month +€ 2/user